A traditional card game-Domino QQ

traditional card game

Get started

Want to have some fun? Do you have a friend’s circle or a team of minimum 2 and maximum six members? Then let’s get started with Domino QQ. This is so easy once you become an expert and learn the trick. This is a traditional Indonesian game. People over there make their time playing this game and having lot of fun. Technology has been so much improved and advanced, and people are having fun playing online casino games and this Domino QQ also comes under this category. Dominoes are generally 28 in number sometimes 32 in number. Each of the tile is called as domino.

Domino game

General rules

Draw is the most common Domino game. Shuffling of tiles is the first thing they do when they start the game. You need to put the tiles face down and then mix them properly with your hands. If there are only two players who want to play the game, then each player need to take a number of seven tiles. If three or four players are participating or playing the game, then each player will take five tiles for playing.

Keep your tiles facing you or in front of you but they should not be visible to the opponent. You should hide your tiles from the opponent. The player who is having the highest double need to start or begin the game. The player who is next and left should place a Domino QQ which is matching to the first tile. For example, if the player is going to start the game with the double six, then you should play with the tile which is having six on it.


Even these domino games are available online and you can play with the online players at a time sitting in your own comfort zone. You can even win the cash prize for these games. All you need to do is to register and download the game. Install it and start playing the game. Most of these domino games are blocking games rather than the scoring games.in blocking one the opponent will be having nothing in his hands or considered as empty hand. The score of 250 points is usually considered as a game.