Becoming a Good Player: Mastering Key Poker Words


In poker, you need to talk the talk. This means that you also need to know poker terms so you do not play blindly. Sure you already know basic rules and guidelines of poker but without the context or terms, you will play recklessly. Playing recklessly is never good.

Knowing the lingo will allow you to be confident, which will ultimately improve your performance in the long run. Here are some poker words you need to master:

Ante refers to the bet required to all players before a hand is dealt.

This is the kind of bet that put all the chips of players into the pot.

This term may refer to big or small blind position. The small blind position is the one sitting immediately to the left of the dealer. The big blind position is the one sitting farther left.

This is to contribute a minimum amount of money to the pot to continue playing.

This means you want to pass on betting. If there is no bet to you, there is nothing to call. If you do not want to bet, you can simply say check.

This is the position at the immediate right of the dealer or button.

A dealer is a player who shuffles the deck and then deals the cards.

This refers to the three community cards dealt after the first betting round is complete.

Flush is a poker hand having five cards with the same suit.

The fold is an act of giving up the cards by putting it face-down on the table. You fold if you think that your hand is too weak to contend against other players.

Four of a kind
Four of a kind is a poker hand having four cards with the same rank.
Full house
The full house is a poker hand having three of a kind and different pair.

The kicker is when you have the same hand as another player. The player with the highest card value wins the pot.

Off-suit means holding cards with different suits.

It refers to two cards having the same rank.

It refers to four cards having the same rank.

Rake is the money that is taken by the house from a poker hand.

The river is the final card of the five community cards.

Raise means to wager more than the minimum. This will force other players to put more money.

Split pot
This refers to two players having the same hand.

Straight flush
The straight flush is a poker hand having five cards in sequence with the same suit.

Straight is a poker hand having five cards in sequence but not in suit.

Turn is the fourth community card that is put face-up.

As soon as you master the poker words, it is time to look for the online poker room. Many people consider situs online poker. In addition to mastering the words, you have to be quick because poker is, after all, a game of skill and strategy.