Play Sic Bo Casino Game Online

Play Sic Bo Casino Game Online

Sic Bo is the casino dice game. SicBo actually “dice pair”, though this game is played with 3 dice. An object of this game is placing the bets on numbers that will come up when SicBo dice takes rest.

Playing SicBo Online in a Right Way

SicBo games can be played with 3 dice. At the land based casinos, dice will be shaken over in the cage contraption for one minute till they rest. In the SicBo online casino, the random number generator will control this roll of a virtual SicBo dice. When you look at a SicBo layout, it will look like the big inscrutable mess. Thus, take a breath and relax, and have a close look. Soon you will learn that Sic Bo online game is not very difficult.

As on the roulette table, every area of a SicBo table indicates the type of bet. For playing the game of SicBo online for the real money, first you will have to make the bet by choosing the chip size as well as placing the chip on an appropriate area of your table. Like in the roulette, you will make one or more bet on a same roll.

Simplest SicBo bets are Big and Small. The Small bet will wins if the dice total is four to ten; the Big bet wins if dice total is eleven to seventeen. However, note that, in rules of the SicBo, Big and Small both lose if the triple gets rolled.

Play Sic Bo Casino Game Online

Besides Big and Small, there are a lot of possible SicBo bets you may make. You may bet on the specific triple, at any triple, and on specific double. You may bet on 3 dice total, or 2 dice combination or single die. Every bet has got its area on a table that tells you about your payout odds if bet wins. Do not forget, you will make the multiple bets on same roll of a dice.

When you make the bet, click on the Roll button. Three dice roll inside a virtual cage, and cover is lifted for revealing an outcome. Areas of the SicBo online table corresponding to winning SicBo game wagers light up for signifying its winners.

Playing the SicBo Game like a Professional

Suppose craps feels very overwhelming and roulette getting very boring, you have to try Sic Bo. This is the fast paced game that combines betting opportunities & dice found in the craps with simplicity that actually has made roulette very popular. Result has also led to huge fortunes for the casino players across the world.