Survive a Poker Tournament With These Helpful Tips


Many poker enthusiasts are casual players, meaning that they’re not professionals and they only play when they so desire. However, there may be times that you, as a casual poker player, might wonder, “What could it be like to experience the tournament scene?” With curiosity filling up every fiber of your being, you excitedly sign up as a participant for the next poker tournament.

At this point, there will be no turning back. Now, all that excitement might turn to fear and anxiety. These feelings are normal for any first-time poker tournament participant, and it’s definitely okay to feel this way. However, if you continue to feel anxious and scared during tournament proper, then you’re most likely to create costly mistakes. In this post, we’re going to help you go through a poker tournament without losing a lot of your chips in the process. Who knows, even though it might be your first time joining the event, you might even come out on top.

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Try to Play Some Hands First Before the Tournament Starts

When you enter a casino, whether it may be online or a land-based establishment, there will be plenty of people hustling-and-bustling around as they’re excited to see what’s about to unfold in front of them. While they’re excited, you’re might get cold feet and feel a bit of stage fright coming from deep within the recesses of your soul. You can remove some of that tension by searching for an available table with a vacant chair to play a few hands before the tournament officially starts. Think of it as stage performers trying to picture everyone in the entire room naked to relieve the stress they might be feeling before their performance.

Break Out Your Headphones and Listen to Some Music

Music has a very calming effect to the human mind. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the classical tunes of Beethoven or the heavy metal music of KISS, listening to your preferred tracks will keep you relaxed before the tournament initiates. At this point, you might be wondering why we’re giving you tips to relax. It’s because many first-time poker tournament participants get very nervous before the main event. When the competition formally begins, all that edginess might make you make wrong calls. You might even shout “All in” even if you know that the odds are clearly against you and there’s practically no chance of winning or surviving with your current hand.

Get a Well-Deserved Rest

Nothing can spell disaster than a poker player that didn’t get enough sleep. Stress can cloud the mind in more ways than one. Instead of thinking about what to do with your hand, you’re going to constantly place an image of a nice comfy bed in your mind. If you’re well-rested, then it’ll help you to stay on your toes and to focus on the important task at hand. At this time, perhaps the most important thing right now is to survive the tournament.

Don’t Forget That You Can Bring Food

Many poker tournaments don’t restrict its participants from bringing food and beverages. It’s because you’re going to sit on that same spot for a long period of time. If you’re feeling drowsy and hungry, then a Granola bar is a good pick-me-up. You can also bring along a small Tupperware with bite-sized pieces of food so that you won’t get hungry during the competition.

Consider these tips the next time you sign yourself up for turnamen poker indonesia (poker tournaments in Indonesia) or in any other part of the globe. These helpful methods allow you to properly prepare and survive a poker tournament.