What is a Poker and how its fever is effecting worldwide?

Poker and how its fever

Poker is a combination of card games that involves gambling, lots of strategy and brilliant skills. It was developed during 19th century. To play this game every player has to hold two cards face down and they are called as Hole cards. Using these cards you get involved in round of betting and there starts the real game. One can enjoy playing judi qiu qiu using cash or without real money through online. Today there are many websites and phone applications which allow you to play online with others as well where you can talk to them online without using real money. Since the arrival of 20th century we can find an increased number of both participants and spectators playing poker online and gone mad really mad about it. Let’s have a quick review about the Poker Fever Catching Around the World.

Poker Fever Series

What do you mean by Poker Fever Series?

It is a brainchild of Marcin Jablonski, who created it to have a lot of fun while playing this game. Grab the opportunity to meet your friends through the poker fever series. Get involved in this seven day plus festival where you will find many other attractions with experienced players who not only involve in the Main Events but also attend side tournaments with various buy-ins where you can find something for yourself as well. Judi qiu qiu fever series is not only related to tournaments but a bunch of poker extras. Their mission is to have a ball with some of the extraordinary people by organizing parties for the players who are crazy to play this series. Apart from the poker series there are also plenty of other satellite events scheduled with a large number of pros that will be filled with tons of interesting things at an affordable price to make your time enjoyable and memorable so that you can remember it long even after the series is finished. The poker players must get ready to play the series which the satellite has got for them.

List of Poker Variants:

Have a quick look of different poker variants that include: Straight, Stud Poker, Draw Poker, Community Card Poker, Video Poker, Strip Poker, Red Dog Poker (similar to Blackjack), Three Card Poker and Pai Gow Poker (mainly played at casinos).


Poker is a game that deals with cards and betting at an affordable price. It also deals with other satellite events other than tournaments that lets you have more fun and enjoyment which you can remember even after the series has got finished. Watch the Poker Fever Catching Around the World in its coming series where a large group of participants, spectators and many professional players get involved in playing this series to win the multimillion-dollar tournaments coming ahead.